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Headache Poetry: The Pain Never Goes Away; I Call It My Friend

In the fall of 2006 the NHF’s Headache Education and Support Group facilitators invited their attendees to submit headache-related poetry. Because interest in this project grew, it was opened up to all who visit the NHF’s web site, as well as those who read NHF HeadLines.

The NHF received a variety of headache-related submissions. We have selected poems, limericks and verse that are relatable to those who suffer with this disease.

We extend our sincere thanks to all who submitted their work.

By Hazel L. Reese, Illinois

Headache, Headache all day long; it’s up, It’s down, it’s all around.

It’s like an ice pick behind my left eye.
It’s like stretching my neck like its going to break.
It’s there from dawn to the end of the day.
Some times you move within my head.

It’s in my head, my neck, my back, my shoulders,
My stomach, and my legs.
It calls me back to bed some days.

I say, yesterday you made me loose a day,
But today I will not listen to you.
I want to scream and shout
I want to cry, please, just stop for a little while.

It makes me talk to my head–give me a break today.
Some days I want to take my head off my neck
And give it away.

Some days I fight the pain and say, you will not
Stop me today. I’m going for a walk, or I’ll cook today.
I keep myself busy today to forget the pain.

Today I can’t stay out of the bathroom
My stomach say’s today is my day, forget your head.
I drink and drink more liquids today.
I cannot eat much food today.
I don’t answer the phone or turn on the TV today,
I take your medicine and sleep all day.

It rains today I start to pray, just hurry up
I will be glad for the next day.
I know I will be sick all today.
The temperature changed 20 degrees today from
Yesterday. I know I will be sick again today.

I call you my Friend, you are always there, From dawn to dusk, every day.

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