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What You Should Expect From Your Headache Doctor

Any healthcare professional who is going to treat you for chronic headache should also be a person you feel comfortable with. The following are some characteristics that often contribute to a positive doctor-patient relationship. They are essential qualities in a comprehensive headache clinic. You have a right to expect such characteristics in the person to whom you are entrusting so much.

Your doctor should:

  • Demonstrate genuine care for you and interest in your problem.
  • Be a good communicator, educating patiently and understandably.
  • Be able to discuss psychological factors without giving you the message that your pain is not “real.”
  • Be flexible and listen attentively to your questions and observations.
  • Adjust the treatment plan to reflect new information.
  • Not answer every increase in headache only with new or more medication.
  • Work patiently with you even when the headache does not lend itself to a quick solution.
  • Be willing to consider multiple factors contributing to the same headache problem.
  • Be ready and able to coordinate efforts with all other members of the treatment team, including you.
  • Include you in goal setting.
  • Take time — to listen to you, to follow through on coordination of treatment, to give you feedback, to educate you.

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