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Rizatriptan Shown to Relieve Menstrual Migraine

Increasing attention—both in terms of education and research—is being given to menstrual migraine, which is good news for the millions of women who suffer from these often severe attacks around their period. A new study has now demonstrated that rizatriptan (Maxalt®) may offer relief to many of these women.

For the study, which was described in the journal Headache, 146 women with pure menstrual migraine (attacks occurring exclusively around menstruation) and 561 women with menstrually-related migraine (who have attacks that occur during other times of the month as well) treated a single migraine with either rizatriptan or placebo. Within two hours, 73% of the first group and 71% of the second group experienced pain relief compared to 50-52% of those who took the placebo. Patients on rizatriptan also saw a greater response to other measures of pain relief.

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