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Meeting the Need for Fast Action and Ease of Use

For many headache sufferers, medications just don’t work quickly enough. Those that do are typically taken via injection, which many people find difficult to use. A number of studies are being done to develop methods that speed up the action of drugs in forms that are more convenient.

One is an inhalation device based on the concept of smoking (i.e., inhaling nicotine delivers it to the brain quickly). The Staccato® device, which is being developed by Alexza Molecular Delivery Corp., is shaped like a flat whistle and uses heat to vaporize a drug into an odorless mist that passes through the lungs and into the bloodstream. The hope is to provide relief within 60 seconds.

The company recently finished a Phase II clinical trial using prochlorperazine, a generic, non-triptan migraine drug, to assess its effectiveness and safety in 400 individuals with migraine, with or without aura.

The results have not yet been published—we’ll let you know when they are!

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