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Women Migraineurs Prone to Aspirin-Resistance

While migraineurs have been found to have an increased risk for stroke and cardiovascular disease, many may not be able to take advantage of a commonly-used prevention strategy—taking daily doses of aspirin. Low-dose aspirin can help reduce the risk for stroke and heart attack by making blood platelets less likely to clot. However, according to a study done by the University of Washington’s Swedish Medical Center almost one quarter of women with migraine may be aspirin-resistant, meaning their platelets don’t respond to aspirin treatment. This percentage is much higher than for healthy controls and for those with coronary artery disease.

“The findings may have important clinical implications in managing migraine with antiplatelet therapy to prevent stroke and [myocardial infarction], particularly in women with migraine aura, who have an increased risk of stroke, and necessitate the need to explore adjunct, combination or alternative antiplatelet therapy,” the study authors concluded. They called for further research to confirm their results.

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