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Managing Pain with a Personalized Web Program

Learning to cope with pain, and reducing the stress and depression that can accompany it, may be just a mouse-click away. An online, personalized, self-management program for migraine sufferers led to significant improvements in self-care and using relaxation and social supports, while reducing depression and stress, according to the American Academy of Pain Medicine.

Visitors to the program, which is at, answer questions that enable a “recommendation engine” to provide them with information designed to address their individual needs. “The content on the Web site is focused on teaching people practical skills to manage the behavioral side of pain,” said Jonas Bromberg, PsyD, of Inflexxion, the company that developed the program.

Patients involved in the study completed eight or more 30-minute sessions during the first month, and five or more sessions over the next five months. A control group that received usual care but no exposure to the online program showed no significant improvement.

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