Sumatriptan Injection Effective for Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome

Cyclic vomiting syndrome is a form of migraine typically seen in children and characterized by explosive, recurrent, prolonged and severe attacks of vomiting with no other underlying cause. Because people with the syndrome can’t take oral medications, a small trial in Japan studied the effect of sumatriptan given as a subcutaneous injection and as a nasal spray.

Of the 11 children who were treated with the subcutaneous injection, four had a complete resolution of their symptoms, while five had a reduction in vomiting by at least half. The response to the nasal spray was not significant.

According to researchers, the injections appeared to be more effective in patients with a family history of migraine. A larger double-blind trial will be done to confirm the results and ensure the safety of sumatriptan for cyclic vomiting syndrome.

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