Sleep and Medication May Help Migraine-Related Dizziness

Q. Even after a migraine attack my balance is still off, sometimes for days.  Is this a common problem?

A. Dizziness and balance being off in a way that is hard to describe is not an uncommon neurological symptom that can occur before, during, or after a migraine attack. When these symptoms or others such as fatigue, mood changes or trouble thinking straight persist after the headache, they are sometimes called a “migraine hangover.” A good night’s sleep or a mild long-acting triptan, such as naratriptan or frovatriptan, may resolve these symptoms, as they may be a sign that the migraine has not gone completely away.

These conditions are rarely a side effect of the medication that is being used to abort or prevent the migraine. A change to another abortive or preventative medication may be more effective or produce fewer side effects.

David S. Larsen, MD
Center for Headache Medicine
Chicago, Illinois

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