The National Headache Foundation is proud to again be participating in Headache on the Hill, an annual congressional advocacy event. Headache on the Hill participants visit the offices of approximately 130 members of Congress to raise issues on behalf of those with disabling headache and migraine, including the lack of research and stigma surrounding these diseases. Participants include physicians, researchers, as well as patients.

pexels-photo-128402 If diet affects your headache or migraine, you are not alone. There are plenty of foods and beverages known to be triggers for headache. Recently, researchers at the University of Cincinnati concluded preventing headaches with diet is about more than just avoiding triggers. A review of more than 180 research studies on migraine and diet affirm there are two approaches to preventing headache with diet. The first thing headache and migraine patients can do is avoid triggers. Secondly, patients can also follow a comprehensive diet which may prevent headaches, said Vincent Martin, MD, a co-author of the study.

Migraine and caffeine has long been a complicated relationship. While caffeine has been used to treat acute migraine, there is also evidence that too much of it can be a bad thing for migraine patients. More studies have been done to further complicate this issue. A recent study suggests abstinence from caffeine can lead to more effective acute treatment.