“Wearing sunglasses indoors is increasing your sensitivity to light.” My wife and I were floored when her headache specialist made this statement. Chronic migraine had made her so sensitive to light that she had to wear sunglasses indoors. During an attack, photophobia increased her misery. Sunlight, light from computer monitors and TVs, and fluorescent lights triggered even more attacks.

By Ira M. Turner, MD The Center for Headache Care and Research Island Neurological ProHealthcare Associates Plainview, NY The American Migraine Prevalence and Prevention (AMPP) study showed that only 13% of migraine patients were receiving preventive therapy, while 38% of migraine patients could have potentially benefited from it. The US Headache Consortium guidelines suggested that migraine patients with 6 or more headache days per month should be offered preventive therapy, and they also suggested that those with 3 to 4 headache days per month should be offered this therapy if there is significant functional disability.