For many years, the National Headache Foundation has served as the premiere resource for patients, healthcare professionals, and the media. Education has always been an important aspect of our mission. Great information and updates can be found on, HeadWise, our monthly newsletter, and in the brochures we provide to offices and clinics across the country.

For individuals with migraine, it should come as no surprise the impact the disease has on their daily life. Work productivity, relationships, and quality of life are all affected by migraine. A recent national survey conducted by Research!America shows that not only are those with migraine concerned about its impact, but so are those without the disease.

The National Headache Foundation is proud to be participating in Headache on the Hill, an annual congressional advocacy event. Headache on the Hill participants visit the offices of approximately 130 members of Congress to raise issues on behalf of those with disabling headache and migraine, including the lack of research and stigma surrounding these diseases. Participants include physicians, researchers, as well as patients.