Despite treatment guidelines recommending the use of oxygen for the acute therapy of cluster headache, oxygen remains underutilized. A recent study looking at the cost of oxygen for cluster headache found the reason for its lack of use may be because of poor physician awareness of the treatment, as well as the lack of understanding for how to write and fill a prescription for high-flow oxygen.

Depending on your headache type, physical therapy can be a useful part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Denise Schenider, PT, FAAOMPT, COMT, TPS, ATC discusses the value of physical therapy in this webinar with the National Headache Foundation. In this webinar, she looks at cervicogenic headache, one type of headache that can benefit from physical therapy. She also gives you a plan for looking for and finding the correct physical therapist and letting you know what to expect when you first visit a physical therapist.

The figures are astounding. Headaches regularly plague about 100 million Americans. Approximately 37 million of these people suffer from migraines with their intense, recurring, debilitating pain. Headaches are an ancient affliction. Yet real understanding of the problem has been developed only within recent decades. Some doctors regard headache pain as insignificant and untreatable, but Dr. Seymour Diamond and the Diamond Headache Clinic (now directed by his daughter Merle Diamond, MD) won't give up until they've discovered the source of their patients' pain and done all they can to lessen it.