Now is your chance to be part of the migraine education program that will address your needs. The See Migraine Differently initiative, sponsored by Promius Pharma, will include:
  • a live presentation from well-known neurologist, Dr. Michelle Ferreira
  • an opportunity to have your questions about migraine answered
  • registration that is free
  • lunch to be provided

By Dr. James Banks, National Headache Foundation Board Member

What is CGRP?

First, some background: CGRP is the abbreviation for Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide, a protein in the brain and nervous system involved in the transmission of pain and the resultant reaction of tissues and blood vessels. The new medications you are hearing about are actually monoclonal antibodies to either the CGRP itself or the receptors where CGRP lands.  There are various forms of CGRP in different parts of the body. They all have very different actions. These new drugs are very specific for the nerves and blood vessels involved in migraine.

A study looking to determine the frequency of emergency department revisits in New York City found that many patients with migraine frequently return within a 6-month period. The results were published in the November edition of Headache. Migraine leads to more than 1.2 million visits to emergency departments in the United States annually. The authors analyzed 18 emergency departments in New York City in search of the frequency of revisits, as well as sociodemographic factors.