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A New Way to Find and Take Part in Headache Research


At the National Headache Foundation, our mission is to create a world free of headache, and any associated pain and suffering. We work towards this vision through awareness, advocacy, education, and research. Under the research umbrella specifically, we support clinical research into potential headache causes and treatments. Of course, that research requires volunteers, but we know from experience that often, finding the right trial for a particular patient is easier said than done. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Antidote, a digital health company dedicated to connecting patients with medical research to accelerate the pace discovery of better treatments and even cures. Together, we’re helping patients connect with headache research: our new clinical trial search tool, powered by Antidote, will allow patients to match to trials in minutes, just by answering a few questions.

Approximately 45 million Americans (or one in every six people) complain of headaches every year, and more than 8 million of those visit their doctor due to headache each year. It’s a massive issue, and one which often doesn’t get the research attention it deserves. Still, according to, there are about 100 studies currently recruiting in the United States for headache and migraine, each of which is testing a potentially new or better treatment option for headache. These studies need more than 34,000 patients to take part. Could you be one?

You may have heard that clinical trials are a last resort, or that they are are only for patients who are very sick or have run out of options. The fact of the matter is that research studies — including headache trials — need a variety of participants to enroll. Some trials are looking for volunteers who experience occasional headaches, whereas others are looking for those with debilitating chronic migraine. It’s likely that there is a match for you, so if you are at all interested in taking part, feel free to start searching today.

  • Gloria Fenton
    Posted at 20:48h, 08 May

    My migraines may last two or three days. The pain is excruciating. I literally can’t move, I’ have two I’ve packs always ready. Life is barely worth living.

  • Gloria Fenton
    Posted at 20:45h, 08 May

    I have suffered With severe migraine since I was 20 years of age. My father had terrible migraines. My migraines are on the left side of my head and completely incapacitated. They made a list two days when I was younger and the tripysnd were not available I would have to go to the ER after vomiting for hours

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