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We don’t know what triggered my headache, I just know that I went to a walk-in clinic complaining of a headache that I hadn’t been able to shake.   They referred me to a neurologist and so my story goes.

I kept my headache for 17 years, my daily chronic headache with migraine.  It was my companion, and it wasn’t a good one.  I woke up with it and I went to bed with it.  I kept headache diaries, I tried every medication my neurologist knew of and yet nothing helped.  I talked to my OBGYN and we stopped my menstrual cycle as I pinpointed that my headaches worsened around that time of the month. I did Botox, cat scans, MRI’s, chiro’s and acupuncture.  I saw doctors and specialists just to eliminate a culprit for my headaches.  I got on one drug that I saw on Good Morning American but I lost words, memories, and my thoughts because of it BUT it made my life more manageable.

There were days I wanted to cry but I knew crying would just make my headaches worse.  There were days I crawled between my box springs and my mattress as that felt good.  There were days that I just got tired of feeling.  There were days I knew other individuals had a worse life than me and those days were what kept me going.

My neurologists kept telling me there was nothing left for me, talk about hopeless.  My headache went away last year, my neurologist said that it might just be temporary but I was excited that I had one summer without a headache.  I had finally did what I had contemplated about for 2 years and it worked.  Now though, I’m getting headaches again.  Well, I had some relief and now,  I might be back on the headache train again.

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