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Yvonne Brown

Hello my name is Yvonne.

Migraines have affected me all of my life, my “Menace 2 Migraines” started decades ago in my teen years. Because there was very little information about migraines at the time, my parents had no idea what was taking place in my head. Visiting the hospitals and talking to doctors was instilled into schedules as I grew up with migraines. Migraines are brutal and often times leaves you feeling #Isolated.

Small dreams of home ownership and my red convertible seems out of touch. When a migraine hits you like any debilitating disease you lose opportunities.

After carefully researching organizations like yours and “Miles for Migraine,” I know that I am not alone. I have become an advocate for myself and others, for the National Migraine Month my community decided to wear purple on a movie night to raise awareness for this disease.


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