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Young Adults to Share Collegiate Migraine Journey During 33rd Annual Gala

On Saturday, May 18, Sydney and Julia Kessel will share their stories about mitigating migraine during college at the National Headache Foundation’s (NHF) 33rd Annual Gala, The Enchanted Forest: Sowing The Seeds For A Cure.

Twenty-two-year-old Sydney Kessel began experiencing debilitating headaches when she was just 16 years old. By her sophomore year in high school, Kessel knew this was becoming a major issue and decided to see a doctor. She was given steroids and other remedies to help alleviate the inflammation she was experiencing due to her lingering headaches, though, the pain persisted. Shortly thereafter, she sought the care of a neurologist, who diagnosed her with New Persistent Daily Headache (NDPH).

Since her diagnoses, Kessel says migraine has affected her life in many ways. She had to withdraw from high school, leave her tennis team and miss her senior prom. Though a traumatizing and emotional experience, Kessel found support in her friends, family and the NHF. “It has been a blessing to have the support of the organization where I don’t feel alone,” said Kessel. “It instills a sense of hope through other people’s trials and tribulations.”

Hosted at The Langham, Chicago, the Gala will bring together physicians, those with headache and migraine disorders, families and other members of the community to raise awareness for the 40 million people who live with migraine and headache disease. A video will be presented highlighting the stories of the Kessel sisters and Daniel King, a recent graduate of Purdue University. Additionally, a portion of the evening will be dedicated to recognizing and honoring world-renowned physician, and recipient of a Nobel Prize in Medicine, Eric Kandel, MD, with the National Headache Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award.

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