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Diagnosed at Seven

I was diagnosed with severe chronic migraines at age seven; this diagnosis has thrown obstacles at me throughout my life. Medication was my first resource to try to resolve my migraines. Medication did not work for very long before I had to up my dose and then it wouldn’t work at all. My day-to-day life is taking Ibuprofen or Tylenol at least twice a day, drinking plenty of water, some caffeine and making sure I get enough sleep. However, when I do have a migraine I spend my days taking several prescribed medications and sleeping it off in a dark room with no noise. I’m lucky if I can hold down any of my food or medication for that day.

Many people describe me as a strong individual, I also described myself as a strong individual, but for a short period of time I became depressed because I had non-stop pain in my head. I started to take antidepressants and now I can gladly say I am off that prescription. I realized that if I push through and make something of myself this suffering would have been worth it. I do not let my migraines hold me down or keep me from any goals I want to reach. I may have to find different ways to accomplish my goals, but I make it happen.

Having severe chronic migraines has changed my life significantly. If I have plans I have to make sure I have everything with me I need to get out of that plan, pain free. I have learned that time is a valuable thing. If I don’t have a migraine that’s time for me to make sure I do what has to be done and to make time for myself, family and friends.

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