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Why should you earn the Certificate of Added Qualification in Headache Medicine (AQH) from the National Headache Foundation

Be Recognized for Your Abilities in Headache Medicine

Almost 40 million Americans live with migraine disease and headache disorders. If you’ve worked in headache medicine for more than three years, be recognized for your ability to care for the most prevalent neurological disease in the world. The NHF sets the standards for headache practice and assists those with headache or migraine in locating clinicians who could provide optimal headache-related care. Those eligible for AQH include physicians (MD or DO), advanced practice nurse practitioners, physician assistants, dentists, and psychologists. The AQH credential makes it easier for individuals with headache to find competent providers for their headache care and to have confidence that health care professionals involved in their care have demonstrated competency in the field of headache medicine.


Here’s why you should earn the Certificate of Added Qualification in Headache Medicine (AQH) from the National Headache Foundation:

Validation of a level of expertise in headache medicine
You will receive a plaque designating your certification and be announced in HeadFirst, the National Headache Foundation’s monthly digital newsletter.

Possibility of more patient referrals
You will be listed in the “Healthcare Practitioner Finder” on, a popular resource where patients can search for certified healthcare practitioners near them.

Enhanced credibility and satisfaction of providing your patients with the best possible care
Headache and migraine are among the most prevalent diseases in the U.S. Know that you are giving these patients the best possible care.

Recognition of skills when dealing with managed care and government agencies
NHF will provide you with a sample announcement to assist you in alerting your local media outlets and professional societies that you have received the credential.

Finding a place to take the AQH exam is easy!
There are test centers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Visit to find a test center near you.

Exams for the AQH in Headache Medicine from the National Headache Foundation are available for two weeks twice yearly. Visit to receive an application package for an upcoming AQH examination.

Upcoming AQH Examination Dates
September 1-14, 2020

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