Rush University Medical Center is no longer seeking participants for this study.

Researchers at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago are currently seeking participants for a study examining the sleep patterns of women who experience chronic migraine.

The study intends to test the value of online sleep improvement program Sleepio. The program incorporates principles of cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, treatment. It is designed to support people in making changes to their sleep behaviors, thoughts, bedroom environment, and lifestyle—targeting things in their life that can lead to poor sleep. Sleepio has been shown to be effective for individuals with insomnia in a clinical trial.

“We are interested in understanding how effective this kind of program might be for reducing sleep complaints in individuals with migraines, said Megan Crawford, PhD, the principal investigator for the Sleepio study at Rush University. “We also want to know what kind of impact improving sleep will have on migraines.”

Participants for this study may be eligible for this study if they are a female over 18; have difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep; and are willing to complete Sleepio, the online treatment program. All research activities can be completed remotely, so participants do not necessarily need to live in the Chicago area.