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James Beasley
Board Member
Turberville, South Carolina

James Beasley is involved in commercial real estate in Turbeville, South Carolina. James was both in Winfield, Alabama to Verna and Wilburn Beasley. The family moved to South Carolina when James’ father became pastor of a church there. He spent his junior and senior years at East Clarendon High School, where he met his wife, Mary. They have been married 43 years, and are the proud parents of three children. The family includes son Scott and his wife, Jessica, son Jason, and daughter Mollie, and her husband, Jamie Brown. Mary and James continue to live near their children and four grandchildren – Tripp, age 14; Hayden, age 11; Gage, age 8, and the only granddaughter, Sophie, age 4.

James joined the Board of Directors of the National Headache Foundation in 2006.  He is a member of the Board’s Operations Committee, and has been highly effective in contract negotiations for the NHF, particularly in leasing. James devotes a substantial amount of time each year to his responsibilities with the NHF, and has been extremely supportive of all of the NHF’s initiatives.

In recognition of his excellent and enduring service to the National Headache Foundation, James was the recipient of the 2013 Elaine Diamond Service Award.

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