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Margot Andersen, MSW
Board Member
Glenview, IL

Margot Andersen, MSW received her Masters in Social Work from Loyola University. She is a seasoned social worker and has been an advocate for children and families with special education needs for over 20 years. Having parented two adult children with special education needs, Margot brings a unique parent perspective to the practice of advocacy. Margot has been President of the Board of Directors for Thresholds, Illinois’ largest provider of mental health services for people with severe mental health needs. As a thought leader in the Chicago area in the field of mental health, Margot has presented to many groups on various mental health disorders, special education needs, learning disabilities, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder. Margot has presented to parent groups on how to successfully navigate the special education maze, mindfulness and resilience skills for life and pain management.

Margot has had migraine disease for 50 years. While everyone experiences adversity in life, people living with migraine need help bouncing back. Margot is passionate about easing the journey of people with migraine by advocating for more research, medication and treatment options. Five generations in her family, including her daughter and granddaughter have been impacted by this disease. Margot plans to advocate against migraine stigma in the workplace, advocate for better quality of life and resources for people living with migraine. She has been trained as a group support leader by the US Pain Foundation and plans to lead groups through the National Headache Foundation.

Prior to becoming an advocate in 1997, Ms. Andersen had a successful career as a business executive before starting her own business to become an educational advocate for families. Recently, Margot founded the Center for Resilience and Growth where she supports people undergoing various life crises by teaching skills for resilience using Mindfulness techniques.

Margot and her husband, Steve,  have a daughter and had a son who passed away as an adult. She is the proud grandmother of two girls, ages 7 and 10.

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