Cafergot is a brand name of the combination of ergotamine and caffeine. It is currently available only in the suppository form for the acute treatment of migraine attacks. There are generic oral tablets with the same amounts of caffeine and ergotamine as were in the former Cafergot tablets. Ergotamine works for migraine by constricting blood vessels and effecting brain receptors such as serotonin.

Nausea is a frequently encountered side effect, which sometimes requires an anti-nauseant medication to be taken simultaneously. Cafergot or any ergotamine preparation should not be used on a daily or near daily basis because of possible rebounding effects. Also, it should not be taken in those patients suffering with heart disease, uncontrolled glaucoma or hypertension, liver or kidney disease, or circulation problems. Ergotamine should not be taken within 24 hours of a triptan medication or other ergot-containing medication.