Heads UP – Episode 124: Migraine Medical Update – Nocira Gets Breakthrough Device Status

Very exciting news for the migraine community! In this week’s episode of Heads UP, Dr. Lindsay Weitzel and Dr. Timothy Smith discuss an up-and-coming migraine device being developed by a company called Nocira. The device is the first to be…

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Prove to Me that Meditating is Going to Help me Overcome Migraine

By Lindsay Weitzel, PhD Host of Heads UP Podcast Founder of MigraineNation Republished courtesy of Juva Health For years, I really wanted to meditate. I wanted to be that person who peacefully sat cross-legged with her eyes closed and gathered…

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Heads UP – Episode 107: Advocacy and Your Wellness Plan

Can Advocacy be part of your wellness plan? What if you are currently not healthy enough to be an advocate? What does advocacy mean to you and what is the path to migraine, headache, or chronic illness advocacy? In this…

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Heads UP – Episode 102: Anti Inflammation Diet and Migraine

What is considered an anti-inflammatory diet? How does inflammation contribute to migraine? Did you know a study was just published in the British Medical Journal that found a significant reduction in migraine frequency with a specific dietary intervention? Dr. Amelia…

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Heads UP – Episode 101: Trudhesa Nasal Spray for the Acute Treatment of Migraine

Dr. Lindsay Weitzel talks to Dr. Tim Smith about the specifics of Trudhesa, the first DHE nasal spray to utilize Precision Olfactory Delivery (POD) technology. Trudhesa was just approved by the FDA. When will it be available to us? How…

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Heads UP – Episode 98: Telemedicine for Migraine and Headache

Have you tried telemedicine for your headache and migraine care? What are the benefits and limitations? How do you know when you actually need to be seen in person? This week on Heads Up Dr. Lindsay Weitzel talks to Dr….

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Heads UP: Episode 95: Meditation, Neuroplasticity, Migraine, and Pain

How can meditation help someone with migraine or another headache disorder? There is MRI data that actually shows meditation helping to heal the brains of people in chronic pain. Dr. Lindsay Weitzel talks to Dr. Amelia Barrett about why and…

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Heads UP - Episode 94: Vitamin Supplements and Migraine Graphic

Heads UP – Episode 94: Vitamin Supplements and Migraine

Supplement information related to migraine can be very confusing. Which vitamin supplements should we take? Why should we take them? How long before we should expect to feel an effect? It’s so easy for us to think – if all…

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Mindfulness and Migraine

Introduction Full disclosure: I have had migraines for 55 years. I progressed from episodic to chronic in my late forties. While I have been on many types of preventive and abortive medications and have tried several complementary and alternative treatments,…

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Heads UP - Episode 89: Relivion Neuromodulation Device For Migraine Treatment banner

Heads UP – Episode 89: Relivion Neuromodulation Device For Migraine Treatment

In Episode 89 of Heads UP, Dr. Timothy Smith and Dr. Lindsay Weitzel introduce us to a new non-invasive migraine treatment, Relivio. It is a brain neuromodulation device that has shown promise in treating migraine disease and a range of…

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Rachel's Story of Living with Chronic Migraine

Rachel’s Story of Living with Chronic Migraine

Since the age of 18 I have had daily migraines that now range from a pain level of 3 to 5. Ive tried everything. Need help to try to fix my suffering from chronic daily migraines.

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Managing Migraine When The Odds Are Against You

Receiving an accurate migraine diagnosis and treatment plan that decreases the frequency of your migraine attacks can be a challenge. One barrier to effective migraine care is that a typical family doctor or general practitioner may have just four hours…

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