How Does Pediatric Chronic Migraine Affect Parents and Children?

Episode 143: How does having a child with chronic migraine affect the parents? Do the parents’ emotional responses and attitudes affect the child’s pain/migraine experience? Tune in to hear Lindsay Weitzel, Ph.D., ask Pediatric Pain Psychologist Michelle Clementi, Ph.D., all…

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screen time

Heads UP – Episode 132: Screen Time and Distraction Techniques for Kids With Migraine

Is there a place for screen time for kids with migraine? Many parents (and physicians) limit screen time and other stimulating factors when a child has a migraine. Sometimes children with migraine are left in dark rooms with nothing to…

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Preparing for School With Migraine Disease

By Dominik Zawartko Policy and Advocacy Associate National Headache Foundation Sudden changes in routine and living conditions can be a tough adjustment for anyone to make. For students living with migraine, the transition from high school to college can be…

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a childs mind is no place for migraines

Pediatric Migraine Studies

A child’s mind is no place for migraine! As you know, migraine attacks can interfere with a person’s everyday life. And migraines in children can look differently from migraines in adults. This is why we wanted to make you aware…

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A Letter to Pain

About 11 years ago my daughter was a sophomore in high school. Like all children her age, she was horsing around with her friends and unsuspectingly suffered a lower back injury. It took a few months for the injury to…

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illustration holding signs

Heads UP – Episode 113: Migraine at School

The Migraine at School Program is in place to make sure every student has the opportunity to flourish at school. In this week’s episode of Heads UP Lindsay Weitzel, Ph.D. chats with Amy Graham and Elizabeth Henry Weyher of the…

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woman studying

College Students and Migraine Triggers

Migraine in college students is often caused by stress, anxiety, fatigue, and diet. The National Headache Foundation (NHF) supports college students who experience migraine and headache through Migraine University. The program provides advice on healthier lifestyle choices that can help…

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Drawing of a girl head hurting

Isa’s “Thunderbooms and Bellybooms”

My name is Isa. I’m nine years old and this is how migraines effect me.

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Maggie's Story

Maggie’s Story

A life with migraines

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woman in the couch

Heads UP – Episode 85: Nerivio for Adolescents

In Episode 85 of Heads UP, Dr. Lindsay Weitzel and Dr. Timothy Smith discuss the FDA’s recent approval of Nerivio for use in children older than 12 years of age. Nerivio is a smartphone-controlled wearable device used for the acute…

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Headfirst Newsletter Jan 2021 Cover

January 2021 HEADFIRST Newsletter

NHF- January 2021 Newsletter

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Tips for Helping Your Child Deal With Headache in School

When you think about someone experiencing headache disorders, you probably think of an adult. But many kids complain of headaches, too, and for some of the very same reasons as adults. As children and teens prepare to return to school,…

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