Migraine University student

NHF’s Migraine University Program Representatives Visit Campuses, Shares Strategies

Migraine University, a signature program of the non-profit National Headache Foundation (NHF), provides resources for young people living with migraine disease and headache disorders while trying to navigate their college experience. NHF representatives will be visiting college campuses for health…

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screen time

Heads UP – Episode 132: Screen Time and Distraction Techniques for Kids With Migraine

Is there a place for screen time for kids with migraine? Many parents (and physicians) limit screen time and other stimulating factors when a child has a migraine. Sometimes children with migraine are left in dark rooms with nothing to…

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Preparing for School With Migraine Disease

By Dominik Zawartko Policy and Advocacy Associate National Headache Foundation Sudden changes in routine and living conditions can be a tough adjustment for anyone to make. For students living with migraine, the transition from high school to college can be…

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woman studying

College Students and Migraine Triggers

Migraine in college students is often caused by stress, anxiety, fatigue, and diet. The National Headache Foundation (NHF) supports college students who experience migraine and headache through Migraine University. The program provides advice on healthier lifestyle choices that can help…

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NHF Welcomes Dominik Zawartko As its Policy and Advocacy Associate

The National Headache Foundation (NHF) recently welcomed Dominik Zawartko as its new Policy and Advocacy Associate. He will also be leading NHF’s Migraine University program, which provides resources to young people and higher education health providers to help students living…

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Sean’s Hope for College Accommodations

Misunderstanding of headache causes, treatment availability, and the need for mitigation by providing clean air in educational settings – A Personal Journey into post-secondary education

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woman in the couch

Heads UP – Episode 85: Nerivio for Adolescents

In Episode 85 of Heads UP, Dr. Lindsay Weitzel and Dr. Timothy Smith discuss the FDA’s recent approval of Nerivio for use in children older than 12 years of age. Nerivio is a smartphone-controlled wearable device used for the acute…

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Miriam's Story of Gratitude

Miriam’s Story of Gratitude

My name is Miriam Edelstein. My migraine journey started when I was 18. Migraines took over my life – I found an amazing doctor who changed my life. You are not alone when you suffer from migraines. I hope you enjoy my journey!

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girl kneeling

Ana Shares her Struggle

Migraine, loneliness and frustration

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Causes of Headache in College Students

Many people experience headache disorders, often due to triggers related to their age, gender, health, and overall lifestyle. College students are no different. In fact, these young and seemingly healthy individuals often lead lifestyles that put them at a very…

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Headache History Class

I have struggled with constant headaches for four years of my life, and ancient skulls, of all the strange things, have taught me and brought me peace about pain visibility and personal acceptance of headaches.

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Calming My Storm – Aanya’s Story

The ironic tragedy of neurological disorders is that the human brain fails to comprehend itself. Unfortunately in the case of migraine disease, there has historically been a limited understanding of the underlying pathology of the disease. Even in the cases…

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