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Have you downloaded the NHF’s audio podcast, HeadWise? Don’t miss Dr. Lindsay Weitzel’s informative discussions with headache experts on the latest treatment, research, lifestyle recommendations, and personal stories about living with migraine disease and headache disorders. HeadWise can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast, or wherever you get your podcasts. Our video version of HeadWise is available on our website, YouTube, and our Facebook page.

Cooking With The Dizzy Cook

Episode 142: Our friend The Dizzy Cook (Alicia Wolf) has a new cookbook out called The Mediterranean Migraine Diet: A Science-Based Roadmap to Control Symptoms and Transform Brain Health. On this week’s episode, Alicia shows us how to cook a…

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Advocacy and Headache on the Hill 2023

For Heads Sake: Season 3 Episode 6 What are the goals for Headache on the Hill 2023? Dr. Lindsay Weitzel asks Julienne Verdi, Executive Director of Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy, what our specific goals will be at Headache on…

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For Heads Sake S3-E5: Can Migraine-Related Stigma Make Us Sicker?

Listen to For Heads Sake as Lindsay Weitzel, Ph.D. talks to two of the investigators (Robert Shapiro MD, Ph.D.; and Dawn Buse, Ph.D.) on the OVERCOME study who presented stigma data at the American Headache Society Meeting related to migraine,…

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For Heads Sake S3E4: What Does My Gut Have to Do with My Migraine?

For Heads Sake – S3E4: What Does My Gut Have to Do with My Migraine? In this episode of For Heads Sake, Lindsay Weitzel, Ph.D. hears the viewpoint of Trupti Gokani, MD, Board Certified Neurologist and Ayurvedic expert, about the…

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Medical Gaslighting Revisted

What is Medical Gaslighting? We are thrilled to be revisiting one of our most popular podcast episodes! Do you feel you have experienced medical gaslighting? If you have migraine or another chronic pain condition, chances are you have experienced medical…

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For Heads Sake S3 E2; Migraine and Stress

For Heads Sake – S3 E2: Do you identify with stress as a migraine trigger? Or do you find it insulting when people try to tell you that your migraine disease is related to stress? In this week’s episode of…

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National Headache Foundation Podcast Renamed “For Heads Sake”

The National Headache Foundation’s (NHF) long-running, popular podcast has been renamed “For Heads Sake” and will continue to be moderated by Lindsay Weitzel, Ph.D. who interviews headache and migraine experts to bring solutions and new information to her listeners and…

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For Heads Sake Audio and Video Podcast – Season 3 – Episode 1: Why Do I Have Migraine or Why Does My Head Hurt so Bad?

Listen to For Heads Sake Here: Why Do I Have Migraine or Why Does My Head Hurt so Bad? For Heads Sake Audio Podcast – Season 3 – Episode 1 Welcome to a new season of For Heads Sake (formerly…

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screen time

Heads UP – Episode 132: Screen Time and Distraction Techniques for Kids With Migraine

Is there a place for screen time for kids with migraine? Many parents (and physicians) limit screen time and other stimulating factors when a child has a migraine. Sometimes children with migraine are left in dark rooms with nothing to…

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Heads UP: Episode 131: Stuck in Bed

It is normal for our thoughts to try and dip low when we are stuck in bed or in a dark room with a bad migraine. But did you know that our mood and our thoughts actually affect our pain…

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Heads UP – Episode 130: Healthy Weight, Sugar & Migraine or Did my Doctor Just Talk About Weight in My Headache Appointment?

Heads UP – Episode 130: There seems to be a lot of talk lately about doctors who brought up weight within conversations about migraine treatment. This might come across as inappropriate and insensitive when we are asking for help with…

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Brain Freeze

Heads UP – Episode 129: New Data Shows Delay in Anti-CGRP Medication Response for Some

Heads UP – Episode 129: New Data Shows Delay in Anti-CGRP Medication Response for Some Have you been failed by the anti-CGRP monoclonal antibody treatments? How long did you trial them before deciding they did not work? Brand new data…

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