Ketamine and Migraine

Episode 163: Ketamine, it’s a controversial topic, but we hear about it in the migraine community when someone is intractable and not responding to other medications. Lindsay Weitzel, PhD asks headache specialist Fred Cohen, MD all about why ketamine is…

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HeadWise Podcast on migraine and headache news

News Edition April 2023

Episode 153 News Edition – April.23: In this Headwise News Episode, Lindsay Weitzel, Ph.D., talks to headache specialist and clinical trial expert Tim Smith, MD, about three new medication announcements plus an exciting new study linking genetic, hormone, and circadian…

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A New Diagnosis With MUMS

Episode 152: Cannon Tekstar Hodge’s career in the fashion industry was derailed by a triple migraine diagnosis of Vestibular Migraine, Sinus Migraine, and Migraine with Unilateral Motor Symptoms (MUMS). Cannon is now a super migraine advocate. She uses her background…

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News Edition February 2023

Episode 149: Is it safe to take ubrogepant and atogepant together? What is Pulmatrix? What’s new in cluster headache? What are the latest MRI findings in migraine? Are migraine triggers as numerous and as important as we think? Hear the…

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News Edition December 2022

For Heads Sake Episode 141: In this month’s news episode of For Heads Sake, Lindsay Weitzel, Ph.D., talks to Dr. Tim Smith, MD, about some of the latest published studies related to headache. What new side effect has been linked…

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Migraine Medication Failures

Episode 126: Have you had a migraine medication fail you? Or have multiple migraine medications failed you? How did it make you feel? In this episode of Heads UP Lindsay Weitzel, Ph.D. talks to Melissa Geraghty Psy.D. about how this…

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neurology live

Evaluating Chronic Migraine Medication Overuse Strategies

Neurology Live April 30, 2022 Marco Meglio Vincent Martin, MD, president of the National Headache Foundation, discussed the MOTS trial, a non-inferiority study aimed at understanding treatment strategies with preventives for chronic migraine. Vincent Martin, MD The Medication Overuse Treatment…

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Medication Overuse Treatment Strategy Trial for Migraine and Headache

Heads UP – Episode 118: Medication Overuse Treatment Strategy Trial -The idea of medication overuse and medication overuse headache can seem almost contradictory at times. It can seem like the very medicines we were instructed to take at the onset…

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Treating Migraine With Infusions

Heads UP – Episode 116: Treating Migraine With Infusions – In this week’s episode of Heads UP Lindsay Weitzel, Ph.D. discusses infusions with Dr. Merle Diamond, MD. What infusions are used to break a migraine cycle and why? What medicines…

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Don’t Lose Hope: Learn About New Treatments for Migraine at the 2022 Migraine World Summit

Whether you’re new to migraine disease or have struggled with it for years, there can be moments of despair. Will this medication work? What am I doing wrong? How can I control this? Can I get back my life? In…

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Allow Migraine Patients and Primary Care Providers to Set Care Plans – NOT INSURERS

Add your name to the NHF’s petition if you agree that insurance companies should adopt care models that are patient-centric, where the clinician, in collaboration with the patient, is the primary decision-maker and selects a treatment that addresses the patient’s…

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Access to Care – A Discussion on the NHF’s Position Statement on Migraine Treatment

    Episode 112: For too long, migraine patients have been treated differently than others with medical issues as it relates to access to prescription medications. The National Headache Foundation advocates that payers adopt care models that are patient-centric, where…

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