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Intracranial Hypertension

Heads UP Audio Podcast: Low-Pressure Headache – Finding the Leak

Heads UP: Low-Pressure Headache – Finding the Leak Do you know the symptoms of low-pressure headache or spontaneous intracranial hypotension (SIH)? Often it presents with a chronic headache that is better when you lie down and worse when you sit…

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think talk treat migraine

Heads UP – Episode 114: Think Talk Treat Migraine

Dr. Lindsay Weitzel welcomed Dr. Bert Vargas to discuss Think Talk Treat Migraine (or the T3 Program for short) sponsored by Eli Lilly. It is a well-documented fact that migraine is an underdiagnosed condition and that even people who are…

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illustration holding signs

Heads UP – Episode 113: Migraine at School

The Migraine at School Program is in place to make sure every student has the opportunity to flourish at school. In this week’s episode of Heads UP Lindsay Weitzel, Ph.D. chats with Amy Graham and Elizabeth Henry Weyher of the…

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Access to care cover

Heads UP – Episode 112: Access to Care

  For too long, migraine patients have been treated differently than others with medical issues as it relates to access to prescription medications. The National Headache Foundation advocates that payers adopt care models that are patient-centric, where the clinician, in…

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Heads UP – Episode 109: DATA Alert on Intranasal Zavegepant

New Data Alert on the Up-and-Coming Migraine Medication: Intranasal Zavegepant. While not yet approved for release, intranasal zavegepant has shown promise in some interesting and unique data points in the relief of acute migraine. What is zavegepant and what will…

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Heads UP – Episode 108: Alcohol-Related Headache

Is it a migraine triggered by alcohol? Or is it a hangover? Tricks to prevent and stop alcohol-related headache during the holidays. In this episode of Heads UP – Lindsay Weitzel, Ph.D. talks to Merle Diamond, MD, AQH about the…

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Cyber monday neon lightning sign on brick wall picture

Heads UP – Migraine Show and Tell With Lindsay and Joe

Are you one of the 84+ million people shopping on Cyber Monday? Do you need some ideas for your loved one with migraine or shopping for yourself? Check out this clip from Heads UP with Lindsay Weitzel, Ph.D., and Joe…

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Heads UP – Episode 107: Advocacy and Your Wellness Plan

Can Advocacy be part of your wellness plan? What if you are currently not healthy enough to be an advocate? What does advocacy mean to you and what is the path to migraine, headache, or chronic illness advocacy? In this…

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soup pic

We are sooooo excited about this episode of Heads UP! Dr. Lindsay Weitzel welcomes the Dizzy Cook, Alicia Wolf. Alicia shows us how to make the perfect migraine-friendly soup for the holidays.

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man headache

Heads UP – Episode 104: Tension-Type Headache

Did you know that tension headaches don’t really have anything to do with stress OR the muscles in your head? In this week’s episode of Heads Up, Dr. Lindsay Weitzel, Ph.D. talks with Dr. Vincent Martin, MD about the most…

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Heads UP – Episode 103: Atogepant and Migraine

Atogepant (QULIPTA) was just approved by the FDA as a daily oral preventive treatment for migraine. On this episode of Heads UP, Dr. Lindsay Weitzel asks migraine clinical trial expert Dr. Tim Smith all the hard questions: Can we take…

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Heads UP – Episode 102: Anti Inflammation Diet and Migraine

What is considered an anti-inflammatory diet? How does inflammation contribute to migraine? Did you know a study was just published in the British Medical Journal that found a significant reduction in migraine frequency with a specific dietary intervention? Dr. Amelia…

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