Heads UP: Episode 131: Stuck in Bed

It is normal for our thoughts to try and dip low when we are stuck in bed or in a dark room with a bad migraine. But did you know that our mood and our thoughts actually affect our pain…

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Melissa's Story

20 Years and Counting with Migraine – Melissa’s Story

A look into my life with a 20 year old migraine

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Heads UP – Episode 97: Veterans and Headache Disorders Banner

Heads UP – Episode 97: Veterans and Headache Disorders

Heads UP – Episode 97: Veterans and Headache Disorders Dr. Lindsay Weitzel welcomes Dr. Jan Lewis Brandes for this special edition of Heads UP to discuss veterans’ issues, post-traumatic concussion, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and the multitude of other injuries…

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Advocacy Opportunity

Last week the National Headache Foundation team and many of the advocates from the migraine and headache community took part in an important annual advocacy event called Headache on the Hill. If you were not able to participate, there is…

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couple the woman not smiling

Heads UP – Episode 90: What to do when people don’t understand your disease

Do you have people in your life who simply do not understand your migraine or headache disorder? These people can be family members, friends, work colleagues, or even your boss. Dr. Dawn Buse and Dr. Lindsay Weitzel have a candid…

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National Headache Foundation Announces Participation in Call-In Radio Program for Veterans

Update: You can watch a recording of the program here: http://bit.ly/NHFradio Leading headache experts from the National Headache Foundation to discuss headache disorders, PTSD and answer veterans’ questions about migraine disease and headache disorders on the Veterans Views radio program….

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New Year’s Resolutions for People with Migraine Disease and Headache Disorders

You have almost made it through 2020 and the holiday season! Do you normally create a list of  New Year’s resolutions? Here are some tips to help reduce stress, fight the winter blues, and prevent headache attacks before they happen:…

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girl kneeling

Ana Shares her Struggle

Migraine, loneliness and frustration

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man with writings on the face

Javier’s Story of Living With Chronic Migraine

Short story about how traumatic migraines can be and my personal story.

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Heads UP – Episode 62: Migraine Disease and Anxiety

Did you know that people living with migraine disease are more likely to experience anxiety and depression? In Episode 62 of Heads UP, Dr. Lindsay Weitzel and Dr. Vincent Martin discuss the relationship between migraine and anxiety.

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