Cambridge, MA and Chicago, IL, Dec 1, 2015 – Chocolate, caffeine and red wine, frequently cited as “likely migraine triggers” may be just as responsible for protecting against migraine attacks as contributing to them, according to the results of an initial study just released by Curelator Headache and National Headache Foundation (NHF).

The findings of Curelator Headache and National Headache Foundation’s 150- patient study are displayed in a visually stunning interactive Population Trigger Map. The Map shows each individual migraine patient’s factors, which are associated with increasing or decreasing risk of an attack.

Dr. Seymour Diamond, founder and Executive Chairman of the National Headache Foundation, explains the unexpected nature of the findings: “People with migraine may unnecessarily avoid foods they love, such as chocolate, because of reports based on population studies of people with migraine. The Curelator Headache and NHF study results are eye-opening because they highlight the dramatic differences between individuals and help each migraineur understand the deeply personal nature of their condition.”

The study findings are distinguished by the fact that migraine triggers in some individuals turn out to be migraine “protectors” (factors that reduce the risk of attack) in others—

  • Caffeine was a trigger for 3 out of 150 patients; and a “protector” for 32 out of 150.
  • Chocolate was a trigger for 10 out of 150 patients; and a “protector” for 14 out of 150.
  • Red wine was a trigger for 1 out of 150 patients; and a “protector” for 2 out of 150.

Overall, the Population Trigger Map underscores the uniqueness of each individual’s trigger and protector combinations.  “The Curelator Headache and NHF study debunks the mistaken belief that all migraineurs are susceptible to the same groups of triggers. The value of our digital tool resides in its ability to help each individual with migraine decipher the complex array of factors—unique to them—that may increase or decrease their risk of attack,” explains Alec Mian, PhD, the CEO and founder of Curelator Inc.

Curelator Headache is a new digital tool that guides individuals with migraine to identify their personal triggers and for the first time, discover their personal protectors and dismiss factors not associated with their attacks. Study participants were recruited in November 2014. They were requested to spend 2-3 minutes per day tracking a pre-set list of factors for 45-90 days (depending on the frequency of their attacks).

Users’ results are delivered as Individual Trigger, Protector, and No Association Maps™.  After receiving their individual maps, users may continue to experiment with changing their triggers and protectors and measuring the impact on their condition. The maps are dynamic; they reflect each individual’s continuously changing circumstances. Curelator Headache is available for an introductory subscription price of $49.99.

Contact for further information at National Headache Foundation:

Mary Franklin, 847-840-1371, [email protected]

Contact for further information at Curelator Inc:

Sandy Bodner, 617-549-8523, [email protected]