The Traumatic Brain Injury Center of Excellence (TBICoE) serves active-duty military, their dependents and veterans with traumatic brain injury through state-of-the-art medical care, innovative clinical research initiatives and educational programs. Site is a collaboration of the Department of Defense, Department of Veteran Affairs health care system and funded through the Department of Defense.


  • Under the Service Members and Veterans tab: Resources for Living with TBI, Care Coordination and Recovery and Rehabilitation
  • Under the Families and Friends tab: Referrals, Family Care Giver Curriculum, and list DoD and VA Health Insurers
  • Under the Research tab: DVBI conducts, collaborates and advances research, both single and multi-center studies with other governmental and civilian organizations. DVBIC is engaged in cooperative research, education, and prevention programs with affiliated universities, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and industry parties.
  • Under the Providers tab: Interactive map to DVBIC locations, Telehealth resources and Strategies for Symptom Management
  • Headache Centers of Excellence