At the Hardware LDN fashion show on February 12 at Spring Studios, Jessica Horwell unveiled her fall/winter 2022 collection. This year, there was one piece that stood out among her clothing line, a classic leather bomber embroidered with the words “Fearless,” “Grateful,” and “Relief” worn by Amy Marietta, a person with migraine, to help raise awareness of this debilitating disease.

Many in the fashion industry may not be aware that the lights and noise from fashion shows or photo shoots can trigger migraine. Horwell, the founder and designer of Hardware LDN, partnered with Biohaven Pharmaceuticals to spotlight migraine and the importance of effective treatment options so people can get back to what matters most. The goal of this innovative partnership is to empower women with migraine to advocate for themselves and demand more from their treatment.

In addition to Amy, several other models with migraine walked in the show, and guests included artists, authors, radio hosts, content creators, and others who live with migraine. “I’m walking this runway in solidarity with other people with migraine and to raise awareness of this debilitating disease. The lights and noise of a show are a trigger for me, but with my migraine treatment, I’m able to walk the runway today and be fully present in my life. I hope my participation in this event inspires other people with migraine to find relief and talk to their doctors,” said Amy.

Vogue live-streamed the Hardware LDN show, which you can watch here.