The National Headache Foundation is proud to be participating in Headache on the Hill, an annual congressional advocacy event on February 11 and 12, 2019.

Headache on the Hill participants visit the offices of approximately 130 members of Congress to raise issues on behalf of those with disabling headache and migraine, including the lack of research and stigma surrounding these diseases. Participants include physicians, researchers, as well as patients. Patients play an especially important role in the event. When Headache on the Hill started in 2007, all participants were physicians. The ratio of physicians to patients has changed over time, and the inclusion of patient advocates is now an important aspect of Headache on the Hill.

Headache on the Hill (HOH) is a two-day event each year; The first day includes a briefing on issues and advocacy training session. The second day is for HOH participants to visit the offices of their respective congressional delegation on Capitol Hill. The AHDA will pre-arrange appointments with the offices of at least one congressman and two senators for each HOH participant.

If you are interested in participating in Headache on the Hill, please email: [email protected] by November 10. The NHF will be supporting 3 participants.