Episodes Continue to Feature Experts on Headache, Migraine Issues, and Solutions

Chicago, Ill. (Jan. 9, 2023) – The National Headache Foundation (NHF) announced today that its original programming, including the long-running, popular podcast/videocast moderated by Lindsay Weitzel, Ph.D., will kick off Monday, Jan. 9, with a new format as “HeadWise.”

“The content will continue to showcase headache and migraine experts to address timely issues and offer solutions to listeners and viewers,” said Tom Dabertin, NHF’s CEO/Executive Director

Allie Sealey, singer/songwriter who experiences migraine and has sung about its stigma, is an upcoming guest who will share her personal story and commitment to helping others. Other guests, including a wide range of celebrities and medical experts are planned for the future, highlighting the wide-range impact that migraine has on the public. One in every three households is affected by migraine.

Other upcoming topics include:

  • Tension Headache or Migraine?
  • Sinus Migraine
  • Long COVID and Headache
  • Mental Health in Headache Community
  • Cannabis and Headache
  • Cluster Headache
  • How to Talk to Your OB-GYN about Headache Disorders

Weitzel, who has taped nearly 150 episodes for NHF, said she feels responsible for keeping content updated, especially when new or conflicting data emerges. “We feel very positive about the analytics of our programming and how followers share their thoughts on social media and create meaningful dialogue about the weekly episodes,” said Weitzel. “Our tracking of the numbers and feedback from our community guide us in what emerging topics and follow-up shows should be on our radar.”

Dabertin said, “Our audio podcast and videocast episodes allow us to create a community of support and education. Good things happen when there is meaningful communication and open dialogue among those who experience headache and migraine issues — caregivers, employers, healthcare providers, and journalists. Most of all, we look to serve the needs of those who have been diagnosed or more who suspect they have migraine.”

Episodes of “HeadWise” can be found widely on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Overcast. NHF’s video version of “HeadWise” is available on its website, YouTube, and Facebook page.