Information for Funeral Directors

When discussing memorial donations with families, please consider mentioning a gift to the National Headache Foundation (NHF) as a worthy and meaningful way to remember a loved one.  

Memorial Gift Envelopes

Funeral directors can request Memorial Gift Envelopes online or by calling 1-888-643-5552. These envelopes are designed for those wishing to make a memorial contribution, and can be displayed during services and made available to families and friends.


Memorial Giving Brochures

Funeral directors can request Memorial Brochures online or by calling 1-888-643-5552. These brochures address the grieving process families go through after losing a loved one and offers resources, information, and suggestions on coping with loss.


The Prevalence of Migraine and Headache

Migraine disease is the third most common illness in the world, 1 billion people are living with migraine and headache disorders. Chances are, the loved one or their family has been impacted by migarine and headache. Donations are used for funding vital research, supporting educational initiatives, raising awareness, and providing valuable resources for the 40 million Americans living with migraine and headache disorders.



Recognition of Memorial Gifts

Recognition for a memorial donation depends on the gift, but may include:

  • Honoree’s name is listed in the gala program
  • Honoree’s name is listed on the NHF website
  • Honoree’s name added to the NHF’s Giving Tree in the Foundation’s headquarters
  • Share the honoree’s story and photo on the NHF’s website. How were they impacted by migraine and headache disorders?
  • Donor’s name engraved on a plaque ($100+)

If you would like to share information about the National Headache Foundation’s Giving Tree Program, you may order free envelopes and brochures as often as needed through this order form or by calling the National Headache Foundation at 1-888-643-5552.