The National Headache Foundation’s (NHF) long-running, popular podcast has been renamed “For Heads Sake” and will continue to be moderated by Lindsay Weitzel, Ph.D. who interviews headache and migraine experts to bring solutions and new information to her listeners and viewers.

Tom Dabertin, NHF’s CEO/Executive Director said, “Lindsay’s history of battling chronic migraine from age four to age 30 is a big seller to people with headache who are looking for a podcast host with the right viewpoint for them.” He added that Weitzel’s informative discussions with headache experts on the latest treatment, research, lifestyle recommendations, and personal stories about living with migraine disease and headache disorders are in high demand and provoke considerable discussion on social media.

Dabertin said, “Over the years our podcast has become an important, compelling aspect of our communication and open dialogue with those who experience headache and migraine issues, caregivers, employers, healthcare providers, and journalists.”

Weitzel, who has taped 132 episodes, said “In order to combat migraine and chronic headache conditions you have to build a rock wall of medications and lifestyle factors that works for you. But the mortar that holds it all together is your mentality. This requires all the latest knowledge, data, and ideas, plus inspiration from the strongest voices in the field. It is my goal to bring this to the migraine and headache community through For Heads Sake.

The weekly “For Heads Sake” podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast, or wherever you get your podcasts. NHF’s video version of “For Heads Sake” is available on our website, YouTube, and on our Facebook page.