Q: I just recently started taking feverfew preventively to lessen my migraines, and I believe it is working. I would like to find out which brands are reputable and how many miligrams are suggested daily.

I have so far tried 3 brands: Puritan’s Pride feverfew (tanacetum parthenium), 380 mg per capsule; Elusanes Grande Camomille, 200 mg per pill; and Leinersan’s Mutterkraut Chrysanthemum parthenium D4, 400 mg per capsule.

I live in Switzerland, where the herb is not sold.

A: Feverfew has been used for the prevention of migraine headaches for over 100 years. Unlike some other herbal products, such as butterbur, which can have serious side effects if not properly prepared, feverfew is extremely safe. Some people even grow their own feverfew and eat it raw in salads or make tea from it. Eating it raw sometimes causes mouth ulcers. In the United States, one of the trusted brands is Nature’s Way, which you can buy in many U.S. stores but also on Amazon.com. However, if you find that the brand of feverfew you are taking now is helping, keep taking it.

Alexander Mauskop, MD
Director and Founder, New York Headache Center
New York, NY