Can migraine be cured permanently? Does Paracetamol have any negative side effects on our health?


Can migraine be cured permanently?

Migraine is a disorder of the nervous system, something that appears to be genetically predisposed, with environmental and biological factors that may increase or decrease the sensitivity of the nervous system to the attacks we call “migraine.” It is not like an infection that can be eradicated by taking antibiotics, nor like a tumor that can be surgically removed.  Migraines can be controlled in the sense that there are treatments to reduce the frequency and severity of the attacks, and medications to take when an attack occurs. In general, migraines tend to become much less frequent as people age, beyond 60 years.

Does Paracetamol have any negative side effects on our health?

Paracetamol, more commonly known as acetaminophen in the US, and often abbreviated as APAP, certainly can have negative side effects; there are hundreds of deaths every year from overdoses (intentional and accidental) of this over-the-counter medication. Taken regularly for extended periods or even just episodic high doses can cause serious liver disease. Just because something is available without a prescription does not mean it is totally safe. A good general rule: if one is taking a medication regularly to relieve a headache (more often than two days a week for more than two months), then they should seek medical consultation. Frankly, I think one month of needing to take regularly should prompt a visit to a healthcare professional.

Dr. James Banks