Migraine apps are an excellent way to monitor migraine triggers, share data with your doctor, and keep detailed records of headache episodes which can help provide additional insight about triggers and how to avoid them. Patterns identified from these migraine apps may help your doctor determine which type of headache you have and the most beneficial course of treatment.

Migraine Monitor

Migraine Monitor App is more than just an intuitive tool for tracking your headaches, their severity, duration and triggers, Migraine Monitor allows you to access the support of your doctor (or our Headache Navigator) and the anonymous community of other headache sufferers that you can interact with if you choose. Easy-to-read reports can be shared with others, such as family, friends or your doctor.

Get daily information that helps get your headaches under control, such as news, tips, and inspirations. Designed by neurologists in concert with Health Monitor’s 30+ years of patient education expertise.


  • Highly intuitive Headache Tracker (duration, severity, aura, stress)
  • Medication Tracker (including effectiveness)
  • Trigger Tracker
  • Connect to your doctor (or our Headache Navigator)—allows the doctor to follow your progress between visits
  • Ability to share your headache, medication, and trigger reports
  • Anonymous social networking with other people with headaches
  • Automatic weather data for analysis
  • Detailed reports and insights

To download please got the Migraine Monitor App site.

Curelator N1-Headache App

Curelator N1-Headache® (previously called Curelator Headache) is a digital health platform developed in collaboration with world experts in migraine and patient organizations, including the National Headache Foundation. See the Curelator website to learn more: N1-Headache.com. Download app here.

N1-Headache makes it easy to log your headaches and other migraine symptoms, medication use, and to track each day a (customizable) range of factors (moods, weather, diet, etc.) that may affect the occurrence of headaches/migraines. The app is customizable to suit the things you’d like to track.


  • Personal Analytical Report to help you confirm and manage lifestyle factors associated with your migraine attacks
  • Identify potential triggers, protectors and warning signs
  • Extensive diary of your attack symptoms
  • Log medications
  • Track effect of migraine on your activities, which may be useful for discussions with your doctor, employer etc.

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