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MigrainePro™ is an adaptive three-module program providing a concise individualized action plan that helps you better understand your unique acute treatment needs. It explores a range of therapeutic tools to improve the outcome of acute treatment and provides an action plan that can be shared with your medical provider to assist in the management of your migraine.


MigrainePro™ takes you through the “anatomy” of a migraine attack: how to analyze your own specific attacks of migraine and how to better implement acute treatment strategies—in short… what to do and when. MigrainePro™ is a patient-centered, shared decision-making tool based on your unique migraine characteristics. MigrainePro™ enables a more accurate illustration of a your attack based treatment needs. MigrainePro™ arms you with the knowledge and tools to become a Pro at managing your migraines.


Become a Pro at managing your migraines today! Get started with MigrainePro™ at www.migrainepro.com.

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