The National Headache Foundation is inviting you to participate in the Seven Second Freeze Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to bring awareness to the pain of migraine disease and headache disorders, and to raise money for education and research.

How the challenge works – Record a video of yourself drinking an icy beverage in 7 seconds, keep the camera rolling when you get a brain freeze, then post on social media with hashtags #NHFreeze #FreezeChallenge.  If you have migraine or cluster and don’t want to re-live this experience, you can still donate and nominate others to do the challenge. You can make a donation to the link below, or simply text headaches to 61094

This is what many people who are living with chronic migraine or cluster headache experience on a regular basis, except they also have dizziness, nausea, vomiting, cognitive issues, and sensitivity to light, sounds, and odors with the pain. Brain Freeze only lasts for a few seconds, but cluster headache pain can last 15 minutes to three hours, a migraine attack can last for up to three days and some experience pain 24/7.

Quick Instructions:

  • Get your phone ready or have a friend record you
  • Quickly (about 7 seconds) drink an icy or slushy drink
  • Experience brain freeze (it only lasts a few seconds)
  • Challenge 3 friends to take the Seven Second Freeze Challenge
  • Post your videos to social media on June 1st with hashtags #NHFreeze #FreezeChallenge
  • Make a donation at or text headaches to 61094

Seven Second Freeze Challenge Scripts