Although summer is just around the corner, many people continue to experience headaches because of unpredictable spring environmental factors.

In fact, it may be possible that headache sufferers can predict undesirable rainy spring weather. According to a 2008 NHF survey, 69% of respondents reported that a change in barometric pressure triggered a headache. And although the relationship between headaches and allergies is still disputed, 33% of respondents reported headaches that were associated with mold allergies.

A variety of environmental factors may cause headache and/or migraine, but you must remember that triggers are different for each individual sufferer. The NHF gives the following advice to help YOU become aware of what causes YOUR headache and what YOU can do to begin to experience relief:

  • Understand your own sensitivities; be aware of the external influences you cannot control like fluctuations in air pressure and weather and your reactions to such changes.
  • Be proactive in dealing with factors you can control. Avoid wearing perfume and ask others close to you to be mindful of your sensitivity.
  • Know if elements like smoke or loud noises trigger your headaches and avoid putting yourself in these types of environments.
  • Avoid loud concert music or wear earplugs.
  • Take frequent breaks when using the computer, or use a non-glare screen.
  • Get help. Discuss your headaches with your healthcare provider.