In the fall of 2006 the NHF’s Headache Education and Support Group facilitators invited their attendees to submit headache-related poetry. Because interest in this project grew, it was opened up to all who visit the NHF’s web site, as well as those who read NHF HeadLines.

The NHF received a variety of headache-related submissions. We have selected poems, limericks and verse that are relatable to those who suffer with this disease.

We extend our sincere thanks to all who submitted their work.

By Elena Rodriguez, Minnesota

It starts in the front and moves to the back.
My noodle is under attack

There’s no sense in trying
I think I am dying, its home and to bed.
My head, my head, where are those pills?
Are they under the bills?
My noodle is under attack

I hear a rattle as the noodle’s in battle
The pills were under the bills!
Pop the cap and swallow and time for a nap
My head becomes hollow
My noodle is winning the battle with
The help of the pills.

There’s no more rattle.
The pills, oh those lovely pills!
The battle is won as I wake with the sun
My noodle has won, my noodle is done
Until the next attack…Those pills will be back!
And they’ll win
Oh they’ll win…and with quite the din.