Shelley’s Story of Resilience

I have lived with migraine for a decade but recently I went through a period of 2 years with chronic migraine and really difficult symptoms. My life was turned upside down and I was forced to slow down and make some tough choices to prioritize my wellbeing and promote my healing. I have learned a lot throughout this time and I have found there are silver linings to learning to live with migraine.

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Heads UP – Episode 59: Impact of COVID-19 on Clinical Trials

In celebration of Clinical Trials Week, Dr. Lindsay Weitzel talks to Dr. Tim Smith about how the current ongoing migraine clinical trials and how they have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Will we see delays in the approval and…

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Do you have a question?

The National Headache Foundation is here to answer your questions about migraine disease and headache disorders. We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question and you don’t see it answered here, you…

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Heads UP “Live” – Episode 57: Resilience and Migraine Disease

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! Resilience is one of the key components to living a successful life with migraine disease and other headache disorders. In honor of this special month, Dr. Lindsay Weitzel and Headache Psychologist Dr. Dawn Buse delve…

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Heads UP – Episode 56: Migraine and Moms, Raising the Next Generation of Advocates

Dr. Lindsay Weitzel and Shirley Kessel, Executive Director of Miles for Migraine discuss what it is like being moms with migraine and raising children with migraine disease. How do we empower our families who are impacted by migraine disease? How…

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Migraine Management for Parents

Are you quarantined at home with your school-age children? Here are some helpful suggestions for best dealing with parenting while living with migraine disease or headache disorders. Raising a child is a beautiful yet challenging experience. Now, imagine adding a…

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Colic Linked to Childhood Migraine

Children with migraine are more likely to have had colic during infancy than their peers who do not experience the painful headache disorder, according to a new European study. This finding adds to research indicating that mothers with migraine are…

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Heads UP – Episode 53: Resilience and Coping With Migraine Disorders

Did you know that Resilience is a concept that has been shown to strongly benefit our health? Resilience can be taught and is so important in migraine and chronic pain. It is particularly applicable at this time of a global…

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Dealing with COVID

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue to provide you with content and access to healthcare resources for the treatment of headache and migraine disease. We know living with headache and migraine can feel isolating and while we all must…

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Heads UP – Episode 50: Physical Therapy for Headache Disorders

Episode 50 of Heads Up is the first of our two-part series on PT and headache disorders. Here Dr. Lindsay Weitzel discusses the role of PT in controlling migraine, cervicogenic headache, and dizziness/vestibular troubles with Mark Greco, Physical Therapist and…

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Heads UP – Episode 49: Caffeine and Migraine

Drs. Rachel Colman and Lindsay Weitzel discuss why caffeine can lead to more migraine in some people, and why sometimes it does help people in the acute headache phase. She also gives us tips on decreasing our caffeine intake without…

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Headfirst Newsletter Jan & Feb 2020 Cover

HEADFIRST – Newsletter/February 2020

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