Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels and is believed to play a significant role in causing migraine pain. Inhibiting the production of nitric oxide could potentially prevent or stop a migraine from occurring.

In the Phase 2 trial, 86 patients received a single oral dose of NXN-188 and 88 patients received a placebo. Pain relief was reported as early as 30 minutes. Total migraine freedom—meaning complete absence of pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound—was statistically significant at one hour.

The drug’s manufacturer, NeurAxon, Inc., is designing NXN-188 to “provide a rapid, robust and sustained therapeutic effect,” according to a press release.

“NXN-188 represents a truly innovative approach to medicine design by incorporating two mechanisms of action against two specific targets in migraine in one treatment,” said Professor Peter Goadsby, MD, PhD, director of the UCSF Headache Center. “It is an exciting development that doctors and patients can look forward to hearing more about soon.”

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