If you live with chronic headache pain, then you know that it can be a serious “culprit” in your life, forcing you to miss work, social functions, and even in some cases, creating feelings of depression or failure. Pain is the basis for many discussions that headache sufferers have at NHF co-sponsored headache education and support group (HES/G) meetings, as well as with their healthcare providers, insurance companies, and family members and friends.

For certain, chronic headache pain has been the culprit of many a ruined relationship and the loss of income. Chronic headache pain creates a reality that is difficult to accept. Everyone—including family members and supportive friends—has experienced some degree of pain at some point, but when your pain controls your life, or when your pain sets up a parameter of fear, check out what the NHF offers by way of support options to assist you.

Before your chronic headache pain becomes an overwhelming problem in your life, if you haven’t already, why not consider one of the following options?

Talk with your healthcare provider about your concerns regarding your headache pain and the possibility of feeling depressed as a result of your pain going on and on and being unresolved. Your healthcare provider can offer helpful information and direction. On our home page we have a listing of NHF physician members by state making it easy to locate a concerned headache provider to help you.

  • Look into the possibility of attending a nearby support group meeting for the opportunity to talk with others in your community who may be experiencing similar problems. On our home page index and under Events and Programs you will find the list of existing HES/G currently meeting.
  • Or seek outside counseling if you feel this is an appropriate channel for you. Working through your pain with assistance is not a sign of weakness but it is a useful outlet for coping.
  • If there is no support group in your area, contact the NHF to learn how we can work together to establish a group with a local hospital or medical center.
  • If you feel that one-to-one counseling is unsuitable for you, or that talking aloud with others about your personal headache pain is uncomfortable, consider a more private approach to garner your support. For instance, the NHF also offers those who have access to the Internet and e-mail the option to gain support through our E-mail Pen Pal program. Since its inception in August of 2000, more than 2,100 individuals have been matched with other headache sufferers across the nation and many matches continue to correspond, receiving support and reassurance as they live each day.

Don’t let chronic headache pain become a “culprit” in your life. The NHF has many additional resources; lease contact us so we can assist you in improving your headache, which will invariably improve your life! What are your go-to support mechanisms as a headache sufferer?

Susan Barron
Support Group and Membership Services Coordinator