Curelator Inc., a Cambridge, MA-based healthcare company, is working with the National Headache Foundation, to test a groundbreaking new approach to migraine management. Their first product, Curelator Headache™ is a novel web-based application that should allow people with migraine to quickly and scientifically find out which triggers and other factors might cause or prevent their migraine attacks and guide them to make changes that could help manage their migraines more effectively.

Curelator is working with some of the world’s leading migraine experts to develop this new approach, including Richard Lipton, MD (Montefiore Headache Center); Peter Goadsby MD PhD (Kings College and UCSF); Anne MacGregor, MD (Barts Health NHS Trust); and Egilius L.H. Spierings, MD, PhD, CPI (Tufts).

To use Curelator Headache, people with migraine enter information about their behaviors (including possible migraine ‘triggers’) and their migraines and other headaches, every day. By using novel data entry methods, this should only take 2 to 3 minutes a day.

Once information has been entered for a period of 3 months, Curelator uses powerful, proprietary statistical analysis, which compares when a possible trigger is or is NOT followed by a migraine, to deliver to each user an Individual Trigger Map™. Curelator will then guide each individual user through tests to determine whether changing behaviors (such as limiting exposure to one or more triggers) improves their migraine condition.  In this way, Curelator helps individuals improve the self-management of their condition without additional drugs.

Curelator Headache can be easily accessed through a new website and mobile app which is currently in prototype testing. You can find out more, and watch a short introductory video, at the

Curelator is looking for people with migraine to use it free of charge, initially for 90 days. However you would need use of an iPhone or iPad as it will only be available on iOS during testing. (Curelator Headache will eventually be sold on a subscription basis.)

After 90 days you would receive information about associations between your personal triggers and signs and occurrence of migraine attacks, and a summary report about your attacks and triggers that you may find useful to discuss with your doctor.  You will also be offered the opportunity to continue to use it, free of charge.   During the testing you will be asked your views about how it is to use and how useful you think it is to you.

To register for the Curelator Headache test, visit the website: