Depending on your headache type, physical therapy can be a useful part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Denise Schenider, PT, FAAOMPT, COMT, TPS, ATC discusses the value of physical therapy in this webinar with the National Headache Foundation. In this webinar, she looks at cervicogenic headache, one type of headache that can benefit from physical therapy. She also gives you a plan for looking for and finding the correct physical therapist and letting you know what to expect when you first visit a physical therapist.

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Specifically, Denise Schneider, PT covers:

  • 1:05 – What is Physical Therapy?
  • 2:22 – Physical Therapy for Headache
  • 3:03 – Diagnostic Criteria for Cervicogenic Headache
  • 5:49 – What to Expect with Physical Therapy
  • 8:28 – Aspects of a Physical Therapy Exam
  • 12:25 – Manual Therapy
  • 14:42 – Therapeutic Exercise
  • 17:10 – Aerobic Exercise
  • 17:42 – Patient Education/Self Management
  • 18:17 – What About Other Types of Headaches?
  • 21:53 – How to Choose Your Physical Therapist?
  • 24:45 – Conclusion
  • 25:54 – Q & A

About the Presenter: Denise Schneider, PT, FAAOMPT, COMT, TPS, ATC

Denise Schneider graduated from Illinois State University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education/Athletic Training. While earning her undergraduate degree she worked with a variety of high school and university athletic teams. She gained knowledge and skills in injury prevention, rehabilitation of athletic injuries, and on-the-field emergency care. After receiving her Certification of Athletic Training in 1998, she was employed in an outpatient orthopedic clinic while also serving as the head athletic trainer for a local high school.

Her passion for ongoing education, clinical excellence, and educating others in the profession of healthcare is driving her to pursue a doctoral degree. In the clinic, Denise is dedicated to providing the utmost patient experience by incorporating evidence based practice and individualized care to include all aspects of one’s health and well-being. Her clinical interests include: spine, headache, chronic pain, vestibular, concussion, and manual therapy.