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Jonathan’s Story

I’ve had migraines for the majority of my life. However, about once every couple of months I get these extremely intense migraines. I can’t compare the level of pain from them to anything else I have felt before and it is such a helpless feeling. They’re at the point where they actually hurt and throb much worse when I lay down, but if I stay standing or sit I get very dizzy and weak. Typically I throw up a couple of times and release my bowels, and eventually just pass out from the pain and exhaustion. I understand that going to the ER or urgent care could help, but I’m never in condition to drive when these occur and wouldn’t want to call an ambulance. They have always gone away by morning, aside from the usual migraine ‘hangover.’ I have found they happen more commonly on days when I go out running and after I eat a light dinner later that evening, but that’s not always the case. They start getting light but after an hour or so they abruptly turn into a hurricane in the front of my skull. I am seeking if anybody has any thoughts/ recommendations, or have similar experiences.

Thank you!

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